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A partial list of many community leaders and citizens alike that have joined our coalition (2008-2012):

Dallas & Pam Broussard | Retired Correctional Officer
Jack DuBray | Retired Police Officer
Jeff and Denise Goldman | Independent Business Owners
Jermain Starks | Correctional Officer
Jim & Lisa Brown | Independent Business Owners
Joe DosReis | Former Elk Grove Planning Commissioner
Kari & Paul Crawford | Independent Business Owner
Kris Vogt | Coldwell Banker Manager
Leo Fassler | Former SMUD Board Member
Mike and Evie Gonzalez | Former Fire Captain
Shane and Marlo Carter | Independent Business Owners
Shaunnah Heckenlaible | Elementary School Teacher
Ted & Eloise Pollock | Independent Business Owners
Terry Dwyre | Doctor
William (Bill) & Ann Wittich | Independent Business Owners
Doctor Michael H. Preskar D.D.S
Allan B. Detrick Jr.
Bill & Laurie Crowl
Bill Ralston
Billy Downing
Bruce Ward
David Simpson
Jack & Tracey Edwards
Jack and Denise Budmark
Janet (Lynn) M. Wheat
Jon & Robbin Dobble
Joseph and Carrie Young
Lee & Dona Salo
Lisa Brooks
Marvin & Linda Harold
Matt Ekstrom
Olaf & Rachelle Olaf
Paul and Shirley Peters
Pete and Gail Rossi
Lt. Ross A. Wilson
Sara G Lopez – Ramirev
Steve & Kathy Lee
Terry Clark- Burton
Thomas & Hermie Shine
Tom & Laurie Sebesta