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I commit to making a difference in our community. Based on the feedback I have received from many Elk Grove residents, I have identified key issues that I plan to proactively address. If you would like to call me to discuss any of these issues and more, call me at : (916) 715-8065

Key Campaign Issues:

Get tough on crime: We need to enact tougher laws to crack down on gang members and repeat offenders. I believe that public safety is city government’s most important duty. Elk Grove Citizens shouldn’t have to live in fear. I believe our neighborhoods and schools should be safe places for our children to grow up. I will continue to build bridges between our police, fire, park and school district officials to educate and empower students and parents to resolve issues involving crime and safety. Do to the efforts and support of our EGPD, there has been a reduction in personal property and violent crimes 4 years in a row.  

I have been on the City of Elk Grove’s Ad Hoc committees with CSD and the Elk Grove Unified School District.  A few recent accomplishments are the Anti-Bullying Forums Co-hosted with our Youth Commission and the Anti-Bullying Ordinance that we adopted for the City of Elk Grove was also adopted statewide at the California League of Cites state convention that represents over 400 cities in our state.

Revive the local Economy: Foreclosures are up and home values are down. Elk Grove has become a city that attracts new businesses and good jobs. I will keep taxes and fees low, make sure your tax dollars are spent wisely, and cut the red tape to make Elk Grove a thriving local economy.  We have created a more positive image of the City of Elk Grove over the last few years and it has paid off! To name a few, Mercy, Sutter and Kaiser are all building new facilities to expand the medical service to our residents and the recent the announcement of 1500 new jobs with the Correction Health Care relocating to Elk Grove in 2012.

Honest and Transparent Government: I have been raising my family in Elk Grove since 1990. For years I have worked tirelessly to make public officials accountable to the people, not special interests. I will continue to bring openness and transparency to our city government. I will always support public engagement in all aspects of city government from projects to issues, and will vigorously maintain open communication with my fellow citizens, always listening to all sides to render the most informed votes. I will fight for smart growth with a 5, 10, 25 and 50 year vision of the city and region, while maintaining open space. With regard to the zoning code and general plan, I will ensure that the citizens of Elk Grove and developers have the best options available. I will work on traffic issues with local, regional, state and federal agencies to solve our problems, and work to increase the quality of public transportation.